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Fabian Moncada

Publicist, Art Director & Media Designer


Visual Senior Designer with an aptitude for experimental projects.
Highly versatile creative-publicist experienced working in motion graphics, graphic & media design. I have an expert knowledge of brand development and marketing campaigns across different media including print, radio, web and TV. Experienced with Adobe CC, and skilled in creative techniques, product development across mobile and web platforms designed to strengthen business competence


Based in Miami, I am a Producer of Ambient, Experimental and Minimal Tech House with touches of Progressive Melodies that are integrated within my own style and sound.


Making music since 80's, I have always loved the electronic sound generation process by using original recorded samples and playing with synthesizers and sequencers. My first musical steps where techno, goa, breakbeats and IDM with cool (make me tap) programmed drum lines and glitch sounds, always a form of experimentation.


Music, for me, is a voice you have, not a physical voice but a spiritual voice communicating different feelings and emotions. Music is the voice of soul and is one of the most powerful expressions of art.


Currently, I am on an Ambient Experimental path with some groove percussions, playing with different tone generators, synthesizers and creating within the editing and processing of protools.


I hope you enjoy my music.



Fabian G. Moncada



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